Trailblazing Construction Tech Founder Tracy Young Joins Urbint’s Board of Directors

New York, February 24, 2022 – Urbint, the leading AI platform for predicting and stopping threats to critical infrastructure and workers, today announced the appointment of Tracy Young, the former CEO and Co-founder of PlanGrid, to the Urbint Board of Directors. Young grew PlanGrid from a startup into a major force in construction technology used around the world. PlanGrid was acquired in 2018 by Autodesk for $875 million. 

“At PlanGrid, Tracy completely disrupted the construction industry, a legacy sector with many parallels to the way that the infrastructure industry operates today,” said Corey Capasso, Founder and CEO of Urbint. “Tracy couldn’t be a better fit to help Urbint scale as the industry continues to face challenges due to aging infrastructure and climate change.” 

“When I started PlanGrid, I believed that if we could save construction professionals even a few minutes each day, it would be worth it, because that would mean more time at home with their families; that human impact is what kept us going,” said Tracy Young. “The Urbint team has also identified a very human problem, as they build technology to keep workers, critical infrastructure, and communities safe. I’m proud to join the board and work with Corey to help Urbint achieve its mission of a world with zero safety incidents.”

Young began her career as a construction engineer, where she personally experienced the problem of projects frequently being behind schedule and over budget, a problem that she later started PlanGrid to solve. PlanGrid built a reputation for moving the construction industry forward through powerful technology and a strong company culture. Today, Young is an advisor to startups, and has served as a visiting partner at Y Combinator.

About Urbint:

Urbint predicts threats to workers and critical infrastructure to stop incidents before they happen. Leveraging real-world data and artificial intelligence, Urbint’s software delivers a clear picture of risk up to a week in advance, and enables decision makers to take action in the right place, at the right time, before an incident occurs. Many of the largest energy and infrastructure companies in North America trust Urbint to protect their workers, assets, and the communities they serve.

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