Urbint Anticipate conference


Oct 26 & 27

Urbint Anticipate is a free two-day virtual conference on the future of safety and reliability in infrastructure. Anticipate brings together leaders in utilities, telecom companies, oil and gas, and more to discuss how to protect workers and critical infrastructure in a world where risk is on the rise.

Learn how leading companies are improving safety, reliability, and operational efficiency; hear what’s coming next in worker safety and damage prevention; and get a sneak peek at the revolutionary artificial intelligence-powered incident prevention technologies reshaping the landscape.

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Conference speakers


Corey Capasso

Founder and CEO, Urbint

Phillips Photo

Captain Phillips

Author; Subject of the blockbuster movie Captain Phillips


Lindsay Jenkins, Ph.D.

SVP, Strategy and Technical Operations, Urbint


Jemmie Wang

Lead Author, CGA DIRT Report


Maria Lehman

American Society of Civil Engineers

Dr Yoichi Funabashi

Dr. Yoichi Funabashi

Author of Meltdown: Inside the Fukushima Nuclear Crisis

headshot_mishal thadani_urbint

Mishal Thadani

VP of Strategy and Policy, Urbint

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Anticipate agenda

All sessions are listed in Eastern Time.

Tuesday, October 26

  • 12:00 pm - Welcome address

    An opening address from Urbint Founder and CEO Corey Capasso.

  • 12:10 pm – Captain Phillips: keynote address
    As the captain of the Maersk Alabama, Captain Richard Phillips knows about making high-risk decisions to protect the lives and safety of his crew. When Somali pirates boarded his ship and took his crew hostage, Captain Phillips had to make split-second decisions that ensured his crew survived and returned home to their families.

    Captain Phillips wrote a best-selling novel about his story, which became a major motion picture in which he was played by Tom Hanks.

  • 1:00 pm – Damage prevention case study

    Learn how one of the nation’s top utility companies tackles damage prevention to keep its community safe. Hear firsthand the company’s approach, how it uses technology to address multiple causes of damage and allocate field team resources, and the outcomes of program changes.

  • 2:00 pm – Damage prevention leaders roundtable

    Join damage prevention leaders from utilities and telecommunications companies to learn about the challenges of damage prevention and how they are working to overcome them.

  • 3:00 pm – Urbint Lens for Damage Prevention product roadmap

    Informed by your feedback, find out what features and updates are coming to Urbint Lens for Damage Prevention.

  • 3:45 pm – The State of Infrastructure Damages in America: The DIRT Report

    Jemmie Wang, lead author of the Common Ground Alliance DIRT Report, offers a comprehensive analysis of damages to buried infrastructure in the U.S. and Canada.

  • 4:15 pm – Meltdown: Inside the Fukushima Nuclear Crisis

    Dr. Yoichi Funabashi, author of Meltdown: Inside the Fukushima Nuclear Crisis, examines failures, at both the corporate and governmental levels, of the 2011 Fukushima nuclear disaster and the long-term lessons learned.


Wednesday, October 27

  • 12:00 pm – America’s Infrastructure Report Card 2021

    Maria Lehman of the American Society of Civil Engineers discusses the condition and performance of American infrastructure.

  • 12:45 pm – The State Of Regulatory Affairs

    Urbint Director of Policy Mishal Thadani leads a fireside chat with regulators about the intersection of safety, technology, and policy.

  • 1:30 pm – Health and safety leaders roundtable

    Health and safety leaders from the utility and construction industries discuss the challenges of protecting workers and how they are overcoming them.

  • 2:10 pm – Urbint Lens for Worker Safety product roadmap

    Get an inside look at Urbint Lens for Worker Safety with Dr. Lindsay Jenkins, Urbint SVP of Strategy and Technical Operations.

  • 2:45 pm – Closing address

    A closing address from Urbint Founder and CEO Corey Capasso.

  • 3:00 pm – Closing activity

    Join your colleagues and other conference attendees for a virtual, group activity following the closing address. Full details to be posted soon.

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