Urbint solutions for electric utilities

Protect electrical workers from serious injuries

Electrical linemen and other professionals who work on and around power transmission and distribution systems face serious threats from electrocution, falls, and other hazards. Although electric utilities have made some progress reducing recordable and lost time incidents, serious and fatal incidents have stayed level or even increased.

Urbint Lens for Worker Safety is a breakthrough technology that helps utilities prevent fatal injuries and injuries that require significant recovery. The safety risk management software identifies high-energy safety threats and other serious hazards before workers arrive on site, allowing you to put the right controls in place and stop injuries and fatalities.

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"I never want to see another human being have to go through what I went through or what my family went through. It didn't have to happen. It was totally avoidable."
Lee Shelby, a former electrical lineman who lost both of his hands in a workplace accident

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