Urbint solutions for electric utilities

Work safely and protect electrical infrastructure from damage


Urbint for Worker Safety

Turn data into actionable safety insights

  • Standardize hazard recognition and mitigation
    Consistently identify high-energy hazards based on the Energy Wheel, and get recommendations on how to best protect your team.
  • Complete Smart Job Safety Briefs (JSBs) in the field
    Identify any missed hazards and direct controls with Urbint's Smart JSBs. Centralize information and report on safety KPIs.
  • Improve effectiveness of safety assurance operations
    Prioritize high-risk job sites for leadership field observations, safety audits and inspections across transmission and distribution networks.

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Urbint for Damage Prevention

Protect electrical infrastructure from damage

  • Identify risky excavations and optimize resources
    Use Urbint’s AI to find high-risk excavations and target intervention resources where they're needed the most.
  • Streamline ticket management and daily workflows
    Assign dig tickets, suppress irrelevant tickets, prioritize intervention actions, and document outcomes — all in one solution.
  • Reduce No Call-In (NCI) damages
    Proactively identify excavations without dig tickets.

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Proactively manage risk from the office and in the field


  • Operations Managers can visualize risk on a map or two-week planning view and prioritize field engagements.
  • Inspectors visit high-risk job sites to correct unsafe work practices and standardize controls.
  • Field Crews – including lineworkers, technicians, and arborists – have the tools they need to standardize hazard recognition and implement more direct controls with Urbint's Smart Job Safety Briefing (JSB).
  • Managers and Executives access detailed reporting to track safety KPIs and apply learnings to improve tailboard meetings, trainings, and safety programs.


See how Urbint helps electric utilities protect workers and manage safer, more resilient infrastructure.

"I never want to see another human being have to go through what I went through or what my family went through. It didn't have to happen. It was totally avoidable."
Lee Shelby, a former electrical lineman who lost both of his hands in a workplace accident

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