4 Great Reasons to Attend Urbint Anticipate 2020

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Urbint Anticipate 2020 is a two-day virtual conference for utility and infrastructure professionals on all things safety, from damage prevention to protecting workers. The conference features speakers from some of North America’s leading utilities as well as experts in worker safety and machine learning. It is free to attend, but registration for Urbint Anticipate 2020 is required.

Wondering whether to attend Anticipate 2020? Here’s a sneak preview of what the conference has in store.

Why Attend Urbint Anticipate 2020?

1. See Real-World Examples of the Power of Data-Informed Decisions

Analyzing historical data and applying it to current problems can have an incredible impact on future results. Just ask Billy Beane, former general manager of the Oakland Athletics and subject of the 2011 movie “Moneyball” starring Brad Pitt.

Faced with a low payroll budget, Beane shunned traditional scouting methods, instead recruiting players using sabermetric principles like on-base percentage. Beane’s data-informed scouting helped him build one of the most cost-effective teams in baseball. Register for Urbint Anticipate and you’ll hear the amazing Moneyball story from Beane himself.

Highlighting the power of data application in utilities will be Robert Terjesen, Damage Prevention Manager for National Grid U.S. Terjesen will give a behind-the-scenes look at the utility’s use of technologies such as machine learning to predict damages and reduce damage rates.

2. Discover How Leaders Tackle Top Damage Prevention Challenges

People are spending more time at home now than at any time in recent history, which directly impacts utility and telecommunications companies. A spike in 811 tickets plus the same size (or, possibly, reduced) workforce is an equation for disaster...or is it?

At Anticipate 2020, top damage prevention leaders will share how they have adapted their preventative efforts during the pandemic in a roundtable discussion moderated by Nick Stavropoulos, former President of PG&E and a leading utility safety expert. Listen in to learn the adaptations damage prevention teams are making to meet increased needs while also keeping communities safe. Also hear leaders’ strategies for improving relationships with contractors, how they address no call-ins, and how they use data to advance their damage prevention efforts.

3. Learn New Strategies for Protecting Workers on the Job

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, there were 2.8 million nonfatal workplace injuries and illnesses reported by private employers and more than 5,000 fatal workplace injuries across all ownerships in 2018.

At Urbint Anticipate 2020, former electrical lineman Lee Shelby will put a face to these numbers. Shelby lost both of his hands after coming in contact with more than 13,200 volts of electricity on the job. He now dedicates himself to promoting a positive safety culture and is the author of two bestselling books on worker safety.

Furthering the conversation on workplace safety is Matthew Hallowell, Ph.D., Executive Director of the Construction Safety Research Alliance (CSRA). Dr. Hallowell’s talk will delve into the science of using data to protect workers on the job and offer actionable advice for utilities looking to transition to predictive and risk-based decision making.

Offering insight into the regulatory side of safety are Brien Sheahan, Former CEO of the Illinois Commerce Commission, and Mishal Thadani, Urbint Director of Policy. Sheahan and Thadani will share what you need to know now about the changing regulatory landscape as it relates to safety technology.

4. Score a First Look at What’s Next from Urbint

At Anticipate, Urbint will share new innovations that will empower utilities to keep their communities—including their own workforces—safer and more resilient.

Notably, Urbint VP of Strategy and Technical Operations Lindsay Jenkins, Ph.D., will introduce a new worker safety solution that helps reveal hidden hazards and threats and helps prevent safety incidents. Dr. Jenkins will give attendees a detailed walk-through of the solution, highlighting how utilities can use it to identify safety threats, protect workers, and improve safety KPIs.

Additionally, members of Team Urbint will highlight new features and updates to Urbint Lens for Damage Prevention informed by real client feedback. See what’s on the horizon from Urbint and how these enhancements will further strengthen utilities’ damage prevention efforts.

Urbint Anticipate 2020 will take place virtually on October 20 and 21. Register now to save your seat.

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