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Reduce outages now: How telecom and cable leaders are preventing fiber damage

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About the panel discussion

Fast, reliable connectivity is more important than ever to allow people, businesses, and organizations to function. But, telecoms face outages due to factors outside of operators’ control.

Damages to lines, a major cause of outages, are rising at an alarming rate: up 30 percent in 2019 alone, as reported by the Common Ground Alliance. Beyond the social and business consequences, the financial costs of these damages exceed $1 billion for the industry in urgent repairs, customer fees, and customer loss.

Hear from leaders at Verizon, AT&T, Comcast Cable, and the Common Ground Alliance about some of the biggest challenges and strategies for reducing damages to underground fiber lines. Some of the topics the panel will address include:

  • How fiber damages impact a company's bottom line and its reputation
  • What it takes to implement best-in-class damage prevention
  • What the future looks like for damage prevention in the U.S.
  • How the rollout of 5G is impacting damage prevention programs

Meet the speakers


Anthony Jelniker

Manager of Business Partner Operations, Comcast Cable


Kent Kildow

Director of Business Continuity and Emergency Management, Verizon


Matthew Roesner

Director of Network Services for AT&T Field Operations, AT&T


Jemmie Wang

Partner, AcretivPartners and Task Force Lead, Common Ground Alliance


Dr. Lindsay Jenkins, Moderator

SVP, Strategy and Technical Operations at Urbint