Life-Saving Job Briefings

How Work Safety Plans Can Eliminate Serious Injuries and Fatalities

About the webinar

Job briefings are a leading tool to prevent serious injuries and fatalities (SIFs) during utility work. But even with clear requirements set out by OSHA, utility workers still sustain life-altering or life-ending injuries every year.

  • What can utilities do to make their job briefings more effective?
  • How can operations teams adjust their work planning processes to prevent more SIFs?
  • What tools and technologies are available to leverage job briefings for continuous improvement?

In this session, we talk to utility safety veterans about their experience with job safety briefings. We discuss best practices, lessons learned, and real-world strategies for turning this routine task into a practice that saves even more workers’ lives.

What You'll Learn

  • Why job briefings are so critical for worker safety
  • How to focus job safety briefings on high-energy hazards
  • The connection between hazard recognition and better safety outcomes
  • How Urbint works with utilities to make job briefings more effective
  • What utilities can do today to improve their job safety briefing process

Replay webinar

James circle

James Upton

Director of Safety Operations, Urbint

Mike McCallan Circle-1

Mike McCallan

Former Head of Electric Operations, National Grid

Kate Nichols

Kate Nichols

Industrial Hygiene Manager, Georgia Power