Setting The Energy Wheel in Motion

How Leading Safety Science and Predictive Insights Help Utilities Prevent Serious Injuries and Fatalities to Their Workforce

About the webinar

The Energy Wheel is proven to help utility workers recognize >30% more of the worksite hazards that cause serious injuries and fatalities (SIFs). But companies often have trouble putting its concepts into practice. Leaders know high-energy hazards are responsible for most SIFs, but they struggle to apply that information to drive proactive safety measures.  

  • How can operations teams leverage energy-based hazard recognition to prevent SIFs — before anyone sets foot on site?
  • How can field crews use the Energy Wheel to identify more high-energy sources and implement proactive controls to mitigate risk?
  • How can management draw on real-world data about high-energy observations to standardize practices and drive continuous improvement?

Watch our session to learn how utilities are using Urbint to put the Energy Wheel into action. Our Director of Safety Operations James Upton and Director of Risk Operations Sonam Kala show how Urbint uses the concepts of the Energy Wheel and energy-based hazard recognition to provide clear, actionable insights throughout the operations workflow — so managers, supervisors, field crews, and inspectors can prevent SIFs and keep their workers safe. 

What You'll Learn

  • Why energy-based hazard recognition improves worker safety so dramatically
  • How Urbint incorporates EEI’s Safety Classification and Learning Model and the Energy Wheel into worker safety risk assessments
  • Why high-energy observations — a monitoring indicator — are useful for improving safety
  • See how Urbint's application supports high-energy observations in the field
  • What utilities can do to leverage the Energy Wheel to reduce SIFs today

Replay Webinar

James circle


James Upton

Director of Safety Operations, Urbint

Sonam Circle 2


Sonam Kala

Director of Risk Operations, Urbint